Hi I’m xaifu, an illustrator from another galaxy, and Retrobitios is one of my most personal projects. As a retro gaming lover and a fan of the pixelated graphics from the golden age of arcades, one day I decided to make a series of illustrations with a personal colorful touch, of several clasic video game consoles from the 8 and 16 bit era.

I found it very exciting to design and to draw those illustrations, so I thought it would be interesting to print them on t-shirts and posters, and to sell them online in a website, so Retrobitios was born.

As I had neither the tools nor the logistics needed to print or send the products I seek across the internet and I found Printful, a company located in LA that prints and sends all kind of products with an extreme care and love for its work.

Nowadays, apart from selling my illustrations at Retrobitios, I’m also shaping a personal blog where several pixelated characters delve us into the most crazy and unknown part of the retro gaming universe. You can check it right here.

In addition to this website, Retrobitios also has public profiles in all the major social networks across the internet. I’m not very active in none of them, I mainly keep them for SEO purposes, but just in case you feel curious about them here are the links.

Contact Retrobitios

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