The Doomed Display

It’s finally here, Bob!! it arrived this very morning!!


But what… what are you talking about? I don’t understand you Alvin.

I’m talking about the latest acquisition for my private collection of gaming monitors. The unique VGWF/2500 which properly stands for VideoGamer’s Wet Fantasy Two Thousand Five Hundred. A hi-tech display released secretly in 1996 by the US Marine Corps for the sole purpose of training their troops in combat using a specially developed edition of Doom.

I obtained mine in the deep web from a retired US officer who assured me that this is the last one left in the whole world. He swore that the picture quality is so astonishing that 2D sprites look deeper than present 3D stinky games.

Let’s plug in my Neo Geo AES to it. Two beasts paired together for the ultimate gaming experience.

The Super Spy, I’m pretty sure even this game will look great in the VGWF/2500.

Woooow!!!!! Amazing!!!

What the…?
I don’t like the way this looks Alvin…

Uh, oh… better turn off the game Alvin…

– – Your application for joining the US Marine Corps has been… DENIED – –

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