Welcome to Retrobitios

Hi everyone and welcome to Retrobitios!
I’m Alvin, and he is my fellow Bob. We love retro videogames and consoles. We have created this website Retrobitios because we felt the need to pay tribute to all those vintage videogames and retro consoles that were part of our childhood.
So Bob, what will people find here at Retrobitios?

Alvin speaking fluently

Hi retrogaming pals!
As you may have already seen, we are selling retro gaming art prints and retro gaming t-shirts. This will be our main source of income to keep this website alive. Besides, we are preparing many particular game reviews and cool interviews with… drum roll… videogames characters!

Bob speaking fluently

Yes, taking advantage of our own pixelated selves we will get inside videogames to talk to the main characters in person and bring their own experiences directly to you. Amazing, don’t you think so?

Alvin speaking fluently

So don’t forget to check Retrobitios frequently and like us on our Facebook page and Pinterest.
See you!

Bob speaking fluently

Hey Alvin, check my new custom modded NES Zapper.


Nice shoot.


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